Tobias is born in Umivik 200 km down the coast south of Sermilik Fjord in 1960. He was growing up with his parents and siblings, he was in school till he was 14 years old, then he’s father said “that’s enough school” you’ll start your education to become a hunter now – that education went very well, and Tobias is a very skilled, ambitious and respected hunter in the region – and known in all of Greenland.

Not only is he a great master of the nature, he also managed to , despite the short school education, to build a stabil business hunting, fishing and working with tourism through out the summer and winter seasons. 

Tobias has passed all levels of the Greenlandic Outfitter education. So not only does he “know what he’s doing” – he has certification that confirms he’s knowhow and skills. 

Tobias is married to Silpa – she maintain the household when Tobias is out on hunting trips or other projects that requests his skills and knowledge.


Line is born and raised in Denmark in 1980 – but has spend the last years in Eastgreenland. Since Greenland is part of the Danish kingdom, it’s easy to get a job for danish citizens in Greenland – especial within the profession of nurse which Line has worked in for 10 years. But after 10 years she feld it was time to change working field and work – not less, but more outside and “to take care”  of guests and the clients that would visit Arctic Paradise – as she likes to call the region that has grabbed her by the heart and soul. 

Line has maybe experienced a bit more than what would be considered average, also in the perspective of the relatively short time she has stayed in Eastgreenland. But with her good sense for meeting people and strong social capacity – and let’s not forget her curiosity, she has managed to

  • go icediving on blue icebergs
  • visiting ice caves
  • participating on hunting trips
  • whale watching
  • snorkeling with whales
  • dogsleding a numbers of times…

… which is her all favorite way of transportation in the Arctic – not to mention all the dinners and “coffeemik” where she’s happy to eat and enjoy greenlandic specialities. 

Line has been involved organizing events everywhere her lifepath has taken her – from her time has student where she would be involved organizing the summer festival at her dormitory, to be in the front row of the first Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem. 

On top of her good human-skills she’s also a good cook – and she’ll make sure you are well nourished doing your stay with Sermilik Adventures – whether it’s a settlement stay, dogsled adventure or camping.