A trip to remember

4 days / 3 nights dogsled trip to settlement, boattrip in Sermilik fjord, starting with overnight stay in igloo.

Day 1

The journey begins with dogsled

This trip begins in Tasiilaq where you get on board the dogsled and start an amazing journey out in the winter landscape – after about 3 hours you arrive at the campsite for the night – we make a hot meal and enjoy the arctic evening before tugging into the igloo for the night.

Day 2

Then we visit the glaciers

The next day, after breakfast , you continue to the settlement Tinit – it’s a beautiful trip across the glacier with amazing view to the Icecap, desending down towards Sermilik fjord. When arrival you get settled in the house where you’ll be staying the next 2 nights. The rest off the day till dinner time you are on your own, with the opportunity to explorer the settlement and surroundings. We eat dinner together before it’s time to start looking for the aurora.

Day 3

Experiencing a full day boat trip

Today you go out on a full day boattrip with Tobias. Tobias knows the fjord as his own pocket, and will decide do to weather and ice-conditions where to go. The fjord is amazing in winter – either if the sun is out or if it’s cloudy and you’ll experience “the arctic colors”. At this time off the year it’s possible to see polarbear tracks – and if there’s tracks … … When you come back it will soon be time for dinner – if you where lucky and catch a seal we will prepare that for dinner so you can taste the inuit all-time favorite meal.

Day 4

And returns to Tasiilaq with a beautiful sunset

It’s time to return to “the real world”. There’s a full day trip back on the dogsled ahead, which might be the last time you’ll experience being transported on dogsled so lean back and enjoy the trip. Returning to Tasiilaq in the sunset is a beautiful sigt. In Tasiilaq you’ll be accommodated at Angmagssalik Hotel.

Sounds amazing?

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